The House

The house that contains the server closet had its new “torch down” roof completed the day before Jeanne arrived. Hooray for Andy The Roofer! Despite the much higher winds, the house and its new roof suffered no structural damage. The only problem was water being forced under the paint, forming water bubbles on the exterior walls. The trees were not so fortunate. Only few new limbs were broken, but the tender budding leaves were stripped from the oaks making it look like winter again.

During the storm a local talk radio program received a call from a man in Port Saint Lucie. He said that he was under his kitchen table, because his whole house was shuddering with every strong gust of wind. The house that contains the server closet is built of concrete blocks and never quivered, even in the height of the storm. It makes you appreciate concrete construction. All the shingle roofs on the block were further damaged. One other house with a torch down roof and the neighbor’s 25 year old “built up” (hot tar and felt covered by gravel) roof were undamaged. The only house on the block, whose roof had been replaced following Hurricane Frances was the house that contains the server closet. One other roof had been repaired by its owner, a roofer. Jeanne removed nearly all the tarps covering damaged roofs.

Before The Storm

Saturday, 9/25/04 10:30 a.m.

After The Storm

Sunday, 9/26/04 9:00 a.m.